FirmAuto is an indirect finance company. If you have no score or a low credit, we could approve your credit and help you build a better credit score through our unique BuroFlex program. Check our financing programs here.

We Are

Before 2014, there was a great need in Mexico for automotive finance options, but above all, there was a need for flexible options for those in need for a car with no or low credit score. Those customers faced denials from traditional banks and finance companies, forcing them to buy vehicles in harmful conditions.

That is why FirmAuto entered the Mexican market, offering a unique and flexible alternative according to the market needs and requirements. Since then, FirmAuto has managed to help thousands of people with the finance they need.

With the same conviction, and understanding the necessity for flexible finance programs in the United States, FirmAuto USA starts operations in 2020 in California, looking to help people with flexible finance programs that help improve their life quality.

What makes us different is our unique BuroFlex Program, in which we offer:

  • We take ITIN.
  • Low Credit Score / No Credit Score.
  • Flexible Proof of income.
  • Bankruptcies.
  • Surf between Credit Scores.
  • First Time Buyers.

Customer Service / Complaints

For any general question, or make a payment, please call 877-854-5688. Our customer service representatives are available from Mon-Fri: 5AM to 7PM · Sat and Sun: 5AM to 2PM.

If you would like to report a problem or file a complaint, contact our Complaints Department at 562-467-6963 or email your complaint to Please include your account number on all correspondences. We will respond to all voicemail messages and e-mails as soon as possible – in most cases within 24 hours after your complaint has been reported.

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